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Our Brand Story

S M Systems Pte LtdTiong Nyuk Kong - Director

In any construction project, it is always the finishing touches that make a difference to the work, and the most commonly found one would be the epoxy coating done on industrial floors and car parks. One of the leading providers of this finish would be SM Systems Pte Ltd, founded in 1996 by Mr Tiong Nyuk Kong, who is the director of the company.

Mr Tiong was working in a large company that specialised in applying epoxy coatings for industrial flooring solutions as a site supervisor, learning on the job and taking a hand / hands on approach with it. The opportunity for him to have his own business came about when, after a site developer had problems with the contractor he was working under. Seeing his potential and ability in this trade, the person in charge of the project encouraged him to strike it out on his own, and with his savings, the business was born.

While Mr Tiong started out with the backing of his suppliers, working as a sub-contractor providing the required labour for the job, the company expanded out with time by word-of mouth from satisfied clients and project managers. Since by nature their trade was rather specialised, the only way to make their name on it was by doing good work to earn recommendations. Although in recent years, SM Systems have taken to direct tenders for most of their jobs, the referrals in the early days helped them a lot.

Another factor for their success would also earn backing from the manufacturer of the coating. The product is backed by a warranty that is also depended on the quality of the application, hence if jobs are done sloppily, they would lose the manufacturer backing very quickly. Being backed by the manufactures also gave them another advantage in terms of pricing, as they could buy the product directly and keep cost low.

Being a job that depends on the human factor also means Mr Tiong is quick to credit the workers for standing behind the company, by being well trained on the job and following him when he first started out. In fact, to Mr Tiong, his workers are one of the factors for his business growing and doing well.

As with any business, there were challenges to be faced and overcome. Most notable would be in 1999, when they felt the impact of the 1997 financial crisis. Explaining this, Mr Tiong said that as epoxy flooring tended to be one of the last things done in ay building and construction project, they ended up feeling the impact of projects delayed or cancelled years back. In any case, the company managed to pull through that period, and has done well since then.

Over the years, SM Systems has earned a name for itself, with major projects being handled over years including the clean room in Biopolis, Siltronic and IMFS Fab Building, mail sorting areas in Singapore Post Centre, Halliburton Phase 2 Project, car park floorings at Changi Airport Terminal 3, ION Orchard and various shopping malls. One incident that stands out for the company would be the Marina Bay sands convention hall, where they had to carry out smoothening process to the surface before handing over to the owner.

The Road to a New Beginning

“The road to success is a long and rocky one.” SM Systems Pte. Ltd’s journey to the present was not a smooth experience. Established in 1996, the company started small and was content to enter agreements with subcontractors. For years, it survived and moved with the help of only two major contractors. It was not until a decade later when SM Systems Pte. Ltd. decided to hire the service of its present, General Manager Ho Puey Chua, that the Company changed course and started to spread wide.
SM Systems Pte. Ltd. provides client companies services for the sourcing and application of Epoxy/PU Floor Coating Systems. The Company buys the needed materials and applies them to floors of car parks, factories, hotels and condominiums, among others, to make them durable, safe and attractive. Most of SM Systems clients are either construction developers or main contractors, which undertake the flooring system of the erected edifice.

Attracting More into the Fold

From being dependent to two major contractors, the Company expanded and attracted the patronage of several developers or main contractors, most of which are multi-national firms with the likes of Obayashi Singapore, GS Engineering & Construction Corporation, Shimizu Corporation and Kajima. SM Systems Pte. Ltd. also caters its services to local Singaporean companies. Aside from flooring system applications, it also diversified into general builder, renovation and decoration. The Company is presently providing the EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System) to clients, where one project involves the renovation of a mosque facade.

SM Systems Pte. Ltd. prides itself in its participation on projects for popular landmarks and buildings such as the Changi Airport Terminal 3, ION Orchard Mall, Fusionopolis, Singapore Post Centre @ Paya Lebar, Concourse Skyline @ Beach Road and DOU Residences, an integrated development Project @ Rochor Road/ Beach Road/ Ophir Road. Turnover for the Company has doubled in the last few years due to the large number of projects coming in and more clients hiring its services. Its pool of employees has also risen through the years. From a mere 10 employees, the Company now has more than 30.

Deepening Ties with Clients

The first ever objective of the Company, and the same reason why it is reaping success in its business transactions, is customer satisfaction. Mr. Ho explains that the Company would go the extra mile to provide additional services to clients without extra cost. This makes the clients satisfied and encourages them to return for more of SM Systems Pte. Ltd’s services. Problems are confronted immediately and solutions are provided at an instant, diminishing loss to the projects.

Mr. Ho likewise narrates that SM Systems Pte. Ltd. has plans of expanding or setting up branches or companies abroad but it is still has to be stabilize its operations locally. There are still a lot of construction opportunities within Singapore and it is contended at present to deal with them.

That being said, there have been some works that were accepted by SM Systems Pte. Ltd in the Middle East before because of good opportunities that arose sometime back.

From a Humble Beginning to Huge Success

Mr. Ho considers SM Systems Pte. Ltd’s freedom from bondage from a small circle of clients to be its biggest achievement over the years. This “breaking of the chains” has given the Company the chance to widen its horizon and to explore other corners of the construction industry. The “independence” it achieved, as coined by Mr. Ho taught SM Systems Pte. Ltd. to strive on its own and gain success in the long run.

Being the bizSAFE Level Star Company certified by the Work Place and Health Council of Singapore, and the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified by the Accredited Certification Body, the present years prove fruitful for the Company as its hurdles again to the current decade and the next.